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Brotherston Homecare Testimonials

Curtis Lambert

Curtis has lived at home with his family in Philadelphia since 2011. He has a twin sister, Skyler. Curtis had to stay in the NICU for almost 3 months with breathing issues while his sister had no health issues and was able to go home right away.

Emily Armstrong

Emily lives at home with her Mom Lisa and 4 sisters Jessica, Sara, Samantha & Kathryn. She has a rare chromosomal disorder which meant she needed some assistance with daily activities and was unable to talk.

Mark Melvin

In 2013 Mark started BiPAP therapy after being diagnosed with ALS. The BiPAP machine, used with a face mask would help Mark get fuller and deeper breaths which had become increasingly difficult due to muscle weakness caused by ALS.

Steven Smith

30 year old Steven lives at home in West Philadelphia with his family. When he was 16, he was accidentaly shot in the neck by a friend. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a C2-C3 spinal cord injury. He had a tracheostomy tube placed and was put on a ventilator which he would need to help him breath.